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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who wants a Keg? When you can have a Six Pack

If each morning when you wake up, you lean over to see a HUGE belly covering the view of your toes you maybe just a little out of shape, it’s probably time to start taking the matter seriously. They have scientifically proven that fat around the abdominal area leads to all sorts of medical conditions shortness of breath, lack of energy not to mention emotional distrut, lack of confidence, stress the list goes on and on. Unfortunately most people don’t think about the medical concerns until their unhealthy habits has given them a rude awaken in their life!
Are you going to be a candidate of bad health or are you going to take action t a clean bill of health? Fitness is now at the point where it’s fashionable as ever to have ripped abs is the new "black". The fact that you are still reading this article shows that you are in the market for some great abs or great health, personally I'm not saying you need to get abs to feel great, I mean how shallow (Hal) is that?. I just want others to get in the practice of good health on a long term basis not for a seasonal fad!

Congratulations on taking this first and initial step. The real question you need to ask yourself is do I want to be able to play with my kids/grand kids what have you. Today is your lucky day, I’m going to show you some tips on getting lean abs/ mid section, because it would be wrong to tease you with that title...I personally was have found it very beneficial to do crunches while listening to a favorite song or CD and let each song be a set, do one song as a beginner before gradually going for a two song set and eventualy three song set! Make sure to rest between songs for a 1 min or 2 minutes. Do this 3 times a week!

Also another great thing to do is cardio it's horrible when you think about staying stationary and (almost feeling like a hamster running in place) So, I purchased a sweat suit and this can be found at your local Sport Authority or Wal-Mart, that's where I purchased mine for about $6 give or take, I also bought a jump rope and pedometer, which is a device that measures your steps you take in to miles... It's said that the average steps we are suppose to take a day is 10,000 in order to maintain our weight, I don't think we all have the time to take that many steps a day! But a good 2 hours of cardio a week (I did it both on Sat and Sun) is just as effective. So, what I started to do, is wear my sweat suit under a long sleeve top and jogging pants(I mean if you feel empowered by wearing your sweat suit out in public, more power to you, me I'm a closet sweat suit owner any my fiance reminds me why I should continue to be one everytime, LOL) So, I'd walk for the amount of 3 miles in the morning around 9am-10am when it warm but not piping hot, then I would do about 5-8 sets of jumping rope, I would feel so rejuvenated with energy not to mention you would lose a lot of water weight... Well I know it may be hard at times to just stay on a consistent diet eating the same old fish and grilled chicken so I want to give you a crap load of recipes to help you on this transition period.

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